Who are we?

DREAM... IMAGINE... and we will CREATE!!!

Founded in 1972, Grifagem J. Pedro, Lda. is based in Arrifana, at Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal). Grifagem dedicates their activity to graphic design, providing support to numerous knowned brands in industry. The footwear and textile sector occupies a considerable part of our customer base, but we have a strong presence throughout the manufacturing industry, from the manufacture of mattresses, household articles, chemical and paint industries, metallurgy, among many others

What do we make?

We customize the product

We believe that our design can change the world because it has a huge impact how we, humans, percept the reality The design has an huge influence on our emotions and ideas, that make us care less or more about certain product. For us, to promot design is a synonymous of valorizing your brand, that is what gives your business the opportunity to differentiate from others in the best way possible. This is the reason why we invest so much time training our technical staff, providing them the best knowledge possible so that we can ensure you the best service that you diserve.

We manufacture a wide range of products, and we lead in areas such as mattress; shoe and clothing industry. We produce labels, transfers, envelopes, printouts, instruction books, small boxes, and everything from stationery to stamps among other products. The diversification of our product and customers is a constant investment on our company.

How did we get started?

from 1 to 50

The customization of insoles for footwear was our starting point! However, in order to improve and to provide what the industry was requiring, we started dedicating our time and focus to customization and labeling products from the most diversified areas. Currently, we are ready to work with any company, regardless the type of your industry.
 The footwear industry continues to be one of our main investments, but the textil sector, among others, have been gaining our attention next to our range of, 4000 recurrent, customers.

Our beliefs


We are able to achieve the desired objectives, while building trustworthy relationship with the client. This process allow us, not just to make commitments, but also to know our clients better, and to understand what they seek for. This methodology help us to shape our services in the client best interest.


- Honesty -
- Service
Quality -

- Excellence -
- Environment friendly-
- Contribution -
- Commitment -

What are we looking for?


It is our mission to present the most creative and effective solutions to our customers requests, in order to exceed their expectations.
Nowadays, it is not enough to keep up with the evolution of the market.
It is necessary to BE the first, BE original. Your brand and our ingenuity are the tools you need to make your product unique.